Spring has sprung!

What is the first thing that you think of when you think of spring? If it isn’t all the pollen and the effects on your allergies, or how beautiful the flowers and trees are in bloom, then it must be spring cleaning! We recently gave you many hints on how to go about spring cleaning the most effective ways. Now that you have hopefully began your attack on the winter time blues by cleaning and de-cluttering, what will you ever do with all of the stuff you eliminated? At Micro-Storage we want to offer you a deal you will not be able to refuse!

We have all sizes of storage units for you to choose from. The sizes range from fifty square feet up to three hundred square feet. Our friendly and courteous staff will be happy to assist you in deciding which unit size is the right one for you. These units provide the perfect place to store your unwanted discarded items safely until you are ready to sift through in order to donate or have a garage sale of your own or just store them until a better time.

Are you one of those people with a large wardrobe for winter clothing and another for summer? If you are, you probably will be making the transition soon and will be needing space to store your off season items. At Micro-Storage, we offer climate controlled units that will provide the safest home for your treasures. Just think of all the extra space you can create when you let Micro-Storage keep up with the winter coats and boots! You may also decide to store winter tools such as snow shovels, snow blowers, sleds, skis, or snowmobiles. We have the perfect space to suit any need.

Perhaps you are planning a large remodel project. Micro-Storage would be the perfect place to store the contents of the space you are remodeling. Instead of filling up your garage so full that you are unable to navigate through to your power tools, let Micro-Storage hold them for you. Given the present economic situation, you may have even had a remodel project that must be placed on hold for a while. This would create an excess of material possibly sitting around your home just waiting for the project to begin. The climate controlled safety of Micro-Storage would be a perfect solution.

Earlier we mentioned an offer too good to refuse. Simply visit our Facebook page and click on the coupon tab. Here you will find a coupon. Fill in your email address and we will send you a copy of the coupon. Print it out and bring it in to receive 25% off your third month’s storage fee. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Coupon must be presented at the time of purchase, only one discount per customer per purchase.
It’s time to head on out to the garage, or down to the basement, or just to the closet to clean out all the unwanted items. Bring them on over to Micro-Storage, LLC. We will be glad to hold on to them for you!


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