Fall – Storage

Today is October 5, 2013. This is yet one more sign that summer is over and all of the activities that go with it. It is time to re-think what we have in our yards, garages, and basements.

The typical American family probably owns at least one summer “toy”. These toys are used all summer at the lake, at the beach, or maybe camping. They make their appearance around April or May and are at our sides through September or October. But where are they for the remaining six months? The answer is simple. They are covered up and pushed into basements or garages. Some are even left sitting in the driveways, taking up valuable space. Those left outdoors are subject to all of the harsh winter weather including snow and ice. But they are also a good home for our four-legged critter friends to house their winter supply of nuts. Squirrels and chipmunks have a way of finding tiny gaps or creases in tarps or covers on campers. The items stored in basements create a warm and dry home for mice. Then you have to consider how much space our summer toys take up! Campers, boats, and jet skis are some of the larger items. These can an enormous amount of space!

Autumn also marks the end of gardening and yard work. We can stop using riding lawn mowers and wheelbarrows; time to put away all of those rakes and hedge trimmers. These items are also in the way over the winter season. Spiders tend to make homes among the garden tool handles and create an unpleasant situation to deal with come next springtime.
Rotating fall and spring clothing is a monumental event for some people. The amount of winter apparel can be astounding compared to that of summer. Winter wear is much more bulky as well. Therefore, the amount of space needed to store it can be shocking!
We must also consider our winter items that are stored all summer. For example, our Christmas trees and decorations; they, too take up lots of space and are too fragile to find ourselves tripping over them all summer. Lots of yards display those blow-up snow globes and the Santa that goes up and down the chimney. Even the blow-up scary black cat for Halloween has to be stored for the summer.

Micro-Storage, LLC located in Hendersonville, North Carolina has a simple solution to all of your storage needs! Your home can and will be more organized by utilizing any of our single storage units to rotate all of these seasonal items. We have ample storage for your snow and water skis, jet skis, motor bikes, kayaks, canoes, boats, motor bikes, four wheelers, go-karts, even smaller pop-up campers. Our facility is climate controlled and very secure. All of these items that take up space on their off season will be housed safely and, most importantly, out of your way when you are not ready to use them. We have many sizes to choose from, so call our management team to help you decide on the proper size storage building to meet your seasonal item storage needs. At Micro-Storage, LLC, we are “making storage easy” for you!

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