Fire Safety Prevention – Storage Units

People rent storage facilities daily across the nation. Many different types of items are stored from household furniture to excess retail inventory to business paperwork from years past. Many facilities do not have a long list of prohibited items. However, there are a few that should probably be on every list. These items include anything flammable or combustible. Recent incidents in storage facilities around the nation have warranted another look at fire safety in the self storage units.

According to, which is powered by the Star Ledger, there was a five-alarm fire that broke out at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage facility. The Linden Fire Department was one of the first to respond.  One of the deputies on the scene stated that the fire began in one of the central units of the facility and spread rapidly to adjoining units. He also reported that the units were stuffed with many flammable items, such as propane tanks and painting materials.

In another story, in Salem, Massachusetts writes that firefighters were called to battle an inferno in a local storage facility. The unit contained chemicals and was caused by the inappropriate storage of rags. Although the chemicals themselves were not directly involved in the fire, some rags used to clean them up were. The rags were stored inside a plastic bucket and spontaneously combustive igniting the bucket and subsequently the unit as well.

Extension cords rigged to heating lamps were the cause of a blaze in Chesapeake, Virginia according to the Richmond Times. The cords were added to an outlet that replaced the unit’s light bulb. The heat lamps were being used to keep six snakes alive inside aquariums located at a local storage facility. The aquariums were also covered with towels which aided the spread of the fire. All the snakes were destroyed in the incident.  Extension cords should never be left unattended anywhere, especially inside a leased storage facility. Adding the extra electricity and using the heat lamps directly violated the rental agreement between the facility and the renter.

A blaze in yet another storage facility in Millcreek, Utah was caused by someone using heavy power equipment inside the unit. Another renter with a unit nearby stated that his unit contained firearms and ammunition and could have easily combustive in the heat. An unattended kerosene heater was left operational by a man living inside a unit in Virginia, causing a fire that damaged many other adjoining units.

Lease agreements prohibit the storage of combustible liquids and other hazardous items. Using extra heaters and heavy machinery and other embellishments including the addition of electrical cords are also banned. When these things happen, property could be destroyed. Not only the property of the renter, but also of others with adjacent units. Fire safety should always be considered when utilizing self storage facilities. These incidents could have easily been avoided if the proper regulations and policies had been followed. Please remember to practice fire safety when storing items in self storage facilities.

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