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Storage Units in Hendersonville, NC

Summer is Over, It is Time to Make a Change

Now that summer is over it is time to consider what that really means in our everyday lives.

The end of summer means vacation times are over, kids are back in school, and soon Mother Nature will put a portion of her world to rest until spring. It means the weather will turn colder and holidays will fill our thoughts. It also means it is time to change out summer toys for snow shovels and sleds. It is time to rotate wardrobes from shorts and tank tops to sweaters and heavy coats. It is time to put away the flip flops and bring out the snow boots. The grass will stop growing very soon and so therefore the lawn tractors will need to be winterized and put away. With fall approaching, it is time to protect your car from dents, dings and dirt from those acorns and leaves. Motorcycles will need a safe home for the winter as well.

But what do we do with all the extra things we have? Many people have an overabundance of “stuff” in our basements, attics, garages, and closets. Let’s face it, we are hoarders to some degree. Micro-Storage, LLC can help! We have many sizes of storage units available for every need. We offer small, medium, large, and extra-large units. Picking the right storage facility can be downright stressful. We would like to assist you in eliminating the stressful decisions required when picking out the right unit. Our units are spacious and clean. Some are even climate controlled! This means the units maintain a steady temperature of 55 to 80 degrees using central air conditioning and heat. This insulates your things from the damage that severe hot or cold weather can cause to items being stored in public storage units.
The facility is secured with many state of the art cameras and code entry gate. We even have storage space for boats, recreational vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles.

Our facility is beautiful, well maintained and located close to I-26 for your convenience. The property is level, paved and provides for very easy truck access. We hope you will allow us to show you the difference that Micro-Storage, LLC can make in reducing your stress level during your move or seasonal exchange.

Here at Micro-Storage, LLC our philosophy is to make your storage experience as easy as possible because we realize that many people seeking storage can be in a period of major transition or simplification.

Micro-Storage, LLC is a locally owned and operated self-storage facility that has been serving the needs of Hendersonville residents and businesses since 2001.

Call today to hear more about our special offer! You can receive 25% off of your third month’s rent if you mention the face book advertisement or this blog!

Micro Storage is devoted to exceeding your expectations as a storage consumer. Let us show you why Micro-Storage, LLC is the superior self-storage choice. We are confidant you will be pleased with our service. We guarantee it! We want you to be happy!

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De-clutter and De-stress

Stress is defined as: a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.; something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety. Stress can come in many disguises, such as a particularly difficult task at work, running late for an appointment, traffic, losing an item, the person you are calling is not answering, worry, kids that will not listen, husband that will not listen, bills, car issues, dirty house, clutter, and many others. Some of these things are not controllable. We cannot blink traffic away, we cannot make someone answer the phone, and we cannot stop worrying or make bills go away. But we can do something about clutter. Clutter can play a noteworthy role in how we feel. It can affect any aspect of home life or work life. It can make us feel out of sync and unbalanced. It floods our minds with extreme stimuli causing our minds to work overtime trying to make sense. It not only makes it harder to relax, it causes guilt and anxiety by distracting us from what we are supposed to be doing. Being cluttered constantly signals our brain that we are not finished with the tasks at hand. All of these things are directly linked to stress. Fortunately, clutter is one of the things we can most easily manage.

Fortunately, clutter is one of the things we can most easily manage. Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.of Psychology Today gives us the following ideas:

Tackle de-cluttering as a family. If clutter has invaded your entire house, don’t tackle the job alone. Get the whole family involved by starting with a room everyone uses and making each person responsible for a section. If you’re on your own, start with one area at a time and finish de-cluttering that area before moving on to another. This will give you a sense of accomplishment as you see your successes little by little.

Create designated spaces for frequently used items and supplies so that you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for when you need it. However, try to make these designated spaces “closed” spaces, such as drawers and cabinets. “Storing” things on open shelves or on top of your desk does not remove those visual stimuli that create stress and lessen the amount of open space that your mind “sees.”

If you don’t use it, don’t want it, or don’t need it, get rid of it. You can toss it, recycle it, or donate it (one person’s trash is another person’s treasure), but don’t keep it. If you use it, but only rarely, store it in a box in the garage (or if it’s your office, in a high or low place) to leave easy-access space for things you use more often. Also, put a date on the box. With rare exceptions, if you haven’t opened the box in a year, whatever is inside is probably not something you need.

When you take something out of its designated space to use it, put it back immediately after you’re finished with it. Sounds simple, but it actually takes practice and commitment.

Create a pending folder. A pending folder helps you clear off your work space while at the same time provides you with a readily accessible folder to centralize and easily locate pending projects.

Don’t let papers pile up. Random papers strewn everywhere can be Public Enemy #1 when it comes to stressful clutter. We’re inundated with mail, flyers, menus, memos, newspapers, and the like. The key is to be conscious of what you bring and what others bring into your spaces. Go through these papers as soon as you can, tossing what you don’t need and storing what is necessary in its proper place.

De-clutter your primary work space before you leave it. It’s normal to pull things out while you’re working in a space, but make a habit of cleaning off your work space before you go. Not only will this give you a sense of closure when you leave, it will also make you feel good when you return to a nice, clean space.

Make it fun! As you’re going about and cleaning things out, put on some of your favorite tunes. The more up-beat, the better! Not only will you enjoy the tunes, the time will pass faster and you’ll probably work faster than you would without the music.

We must also understand that clutter not only applies to our tangible surroundings, but can also be mental. We should remember to focus on one task at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed and drowning. Put away electronic distracters such as the phone or the TV for a sense of mental stability and focus. Clearing your physical environment of clutter and distraction will go a long way in the battle over stress.

Fall – Storage

Today is October 5, 2013. This is yet one more sign that summer is over and all of the activities that go with it. It is time to re-think what we have in our yards, garages, and basements.

The typical American family probably owns at least one summer “toy”. These toys are used all summer at the lake, at the beach, or maybe camping. They make their appearance around April or May and are at our sides through September or October. But where are they for the remaining six months? The answer is simple. They are covered up and pushed into basements or garages. Some are even left sitting in the driveways, taking up valuable space. Those left outdoors are subject to all of the harsh winter weather including snow and ice. But they are also a good home for our four-legged critter friends to house their winter supply of nuts. Squirrels and chipmunks have a way of finding tiny gaps or creases in tarps or covers on campers. The items stored in basements create a warm and dry home for mice. Then you have to consider how much space our summer toys take up! Campers, boats, and jet skis are some of the larger items. These can an enormous amount of space!

Autumn also marks the end of gardening and yard work. We can stop using riding lawn mowers and wheelbarrows; time to put away all of those rakes and hedge trimmers. These items are also in the way over the winter season. Spiders tend to make homes among the garden tool handles and create an unpleasant situation to deal with come next springtime.
Rotating fall and spring clothing is a monumental event for some people. The amount of winter apparel can be astounding compared to that of summer. Winter wear is much more bulky as well. Therefore, the amount of space needed to store it can be shocking!
We must also consider our winter items that are stored all summer. For example, our Christmas trees and decorations; they, too take up lots of space and are too fragile to find ourselves tripping over them all summer. Lots of yards display those blow-up snow globes and the Santa that goes up and down the chimney. Even the blow-up scary black cat for Halloween has to be stored for the summer.

Micro-Storage, LLC located in Hendersonville, North Carolina has a simple solution to all of your storage needs! Your home can and will be more organized by utilizing any of our single storage units to rotate all of these seasonal items. We have ample storage for your snow and water skis, jet skis, motor bikes, kayaks, canoes, boats, motor bikes, four wheelers, go-karts, even smaller pop-up campers. Our facility is climate controlled and very secure. All of these items that take up space on their off season will be housed safely and, most importantly, out of your way when you are not ready to use them. We have many sizes to choose from, so call our management team to help you decide on the proper size storage building to meet your seasonal item storage needs. At Micro-Storage, LLC, we are “making storage easy” for you!

Spring has sprung!

What is the first thing that you think of when you think of spring? If it isn’t all the pollen and the effects on your allergies, or how beautiful the flowers and trees are in bloom, then it must be spring cleaning! We recently gave you many hints on how to go about spring cleaning the most effective ways. Now that you have hopefully began your attack on the winter time blues by cleaning and de-cluttering, what will you ever do with all of the stuff you eliminated? At Micro-Storage we want to offer you a deal you will not be able to refuse!

We have all sizes of storage units for you to choose from. The sizes range from fifty square feet up to three hundred square feet. Our friendly and courteous staff will be happy to assist you in deciding which unit size is the right one for you. These units provide the perfect place to store your unwanted discarded items safely until you are ready to sift through in order to donate or have a garage sale of your own or just store them until a better time.

Are you one of those people with a large wardrobe for winter clothing and another for summer? If you are, you probably will be making the transition soon and will be needing space to store your off season items. At Micro-Storage, we offer climate controlled units that will provide the safest home for your treasures. Just think of all the extra space you can create when you let Micro-Storage keep up with the winter coats and boots! You may also decide to store winter tools such as snow shovels, snow blowers, sleds, skis, or snowmobiles. We have the perfect space to suit any need.

Perhaps you are planning a large remodel project. Micro-Storage would be the perfect place to store the contents of the space you are remodeling. Instead of filling up your garage so full that you are unable to navigate through to your power tools, let Micro-Storage hold them for you. Given the present economic situation, you may have even had a remodel project that must be placed on hold for a while. This would create an excess of material possibly sitting around your home just waiting for the project to begin. The climate controlled safety of Micro-Storage would be a perfect solution.

Earlier we mentioned an offer too good to refuse. Simply visit our Facebook page and click on the coupon tab. Here you will find a coupon. Fill in your email address and we will send you a copy of the coupon. Print it out and bring it in to receive 25% off your third month’s storage fee. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Coupon must be presented at the time of purchase, only one discount per customer per purchase.
It’s time to head on out to the garage, or down to the basement, or just to the closet to clean out all the unwanted items. Bring them on over to Micro-Storage, LLC. We will be glad to hold on to them for you!